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CCI - the company

CCI is part of the Stibo Group and today the leading provider of editorial and advertising solutions for cross-media news environments. 

We provide the platform to support the evolving needs of the world´s leading news organizations, and our scalable solutions help growing media brands optimize their business strategies. Constant innovation and strong customer commitment remain the cornerstones of CCI´s business model.

Our history of developing technology for the world's leading news publishers is unrivalled. Since its establishment in 1975, CCI has delivered breakthrough solutions to media organizations around the world enabling them to develop their business in changing markets.

We continually work to enhance our offerings based on customer feedback and detailed industry knowledge. We establish close relationships with our customers for real-world experience and recommendations. Our ongoing goal is to empower our customers to manage cross-media publishing, to re-use content across properties, to enhance editorial quality and to streamline advertising sales and production.

The products of our efforts are the leading newsroom and ad sales and ad production solutions, CCI NewsDesk, CCI NewsGate and CCI AdDesk, which are renowned throughout the industry and operating in more than 100 media organizations across five continents.

CCI has approximately 165 employees working in the main office in Aarhus, Denmark, and in our offices in the US,  Germany and Australia.

The new mindset in the way audiences use media is quickly pushing media companies in the direction of increasing convergence and multi-channel publishing. At CCI our solutions are developed for media convergence. Our business strategy is driven by how we can help media companies gain competitive advantage, achieve efficiencies and increase revenue in the midst of significant changes, and do this smarter than ever before.

Dan Korsgaard, CEO, CCI

Our Mission

To provide news publishers with competitive advantages by supplying technology and services enabling them to:

  Reduce cost and time through automation

  Improve collaboration and content sharing across newsrooms and properties

  Manage and distribute content across all media



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