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CCI NewsGate data center

Consolidation and sharing of content, resources and information

Through the NewsGate data center solution, news media corporation can:

  • Achieve cost-saving consolidation
  • Support efficient sharing of content, resources and information across different titles, media and properties

Editorial staff can work together in teams or on shared desks within and across newrooms and locations.


Due to the nature of the centralized content database and NewsGate’s sophisticated newsroom functionality, options for sharing content including pages can be implemented in accordance with your corporate organization.

NewsGate supports the whole range of variations from one common content pool to more granular setups where sharing of content takes place between selected properties.



Sharing across newsrooms is much more than just reusing content in multiple products. It is very much about bringing together people from different geographical locations and with different areas of expertise in a common workspace within NewsGate.

You may form ad hoc teams to cover specific themes or projects, or you may choose to establish shared desks or central production units that span and service multiple newsrooms and properties. By sharing resources, you can improve content quality and at the same time avoid duplicated efforts.


A vital part of cross-newsroom sharing is providing easy access for your colleagues to background material and contact information which may be useful when collaborating on stories. This kind of information is readily at hand when Story Folder lists are made available across newsrooms. Sharing Story Folder lists also means that planned content is made visible to users across newsrooms. This enables editorial staff to contribute with valuable information for example through the built-in messaging functionality in NewsGate, or to pick up on story ideas that may be further developed with new angles. | © 2014 CCI Europe - All rights reserved | Legal Notices