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CCI NewsGate

Editorial cross-media publishing system

NewsGate is an editorial cross-media publishing system providing a unique platform for media corporations to implement strategic decisions.


  • Easy-to-use editorial tools allowing for efficient publishing to multiple media according to the nature and requirements of the specific media
  • Collaborative platform enabling editorial staff to work together on the research, creation and publishing of stories
  • Strong editorial planning and budgeting tools providing transparency in the entire editorial process within and across newsrooms
  • Flexible and efficient data center solution enabling media corporations to benefit from it-consolidation and to share content, resources and information within and across newsrooms and locations
  • Open, scalable and reliable multi-tier system architecture including an XML database based on Oracle technology

For the large majority of users, the modules NewsGate and NewsDirector will constitute their daily working environment. Depending on editorial organization and workflow, users involved in page planning and page production will use the PageDirector module and/or the two design tool options, Adobe InDesign or CCI LayoutChamp.


NewsGate is based on the concept of a consolidated centralized server. All resources and content items are maintained within a well-defined multi-tier environment with logically separated processes. At the heart of NewsGate is an XML Database based on Oracle technology which constitutes the central repository for all content items necessary in the editorial production process.


The database servers are running in a clustered environment, and all CCI server components are configured to be fully redundant. The system architecture allows for implementation of a dedicated disaster recovery solution.


NewsGate includes a number of CCI modules that have been developed within the framework of a highly automated database- driven workflow. In addition, NewsGate incorporates a number of best-of-breed technologies from third-party software developers like Oracle, Adobe and Escenic.


With its array of APIs and web services, NewsGate offers powerful possibilities to interface to third-party or homegrown systems like event calendars and archives. | © 2014 CCI Europe - All rights reserved | Legal Notices