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CCI PageDirector

Interactive editorial planning and template-driven page production 

PageDirector is a flexible and interactive NewsGate module allowing users to:

  • Lay out a page plan including planning metadata (desks, number of pages, sourcing relations, etc.
  • Design pages using predefined page templates and article shapes
  • Mark article shapes for automatic creation of assignments
  • Drag and drop texts, photos and graphics onto article shapes
  • Place ads
  • Carry out production control and output finished pages for print or digital media

CCI PageDirector in NewsGate is the workspace for creating page plans and carry out template-driven page production for print and digital media.


In PageDirector, the user can:

  • Acces a number of predifined page plans that can be selected as the starting point for the current product.
  • Drag and drop individual pages from predefined page plans to lay out the current product.
  • Source pages and articles within and across publications meaning that entire pages or individual articles are automatically made available on the destination pages.
  • Apply or edit a number of page planning metadata fields like color, desk designator, spread info, etc. Specific colors matching desk names can be configured.


  • Design pages partially or entirely in PageDirector. The user has access to a list, including previews, of predefined page templates and article shapes.
  • Choose to modify the outline of the article shapes.
  • If applicable, mark articles for automatic assignments when the page plan is executed.


  • Drag and drop texts, photos and graphics from a component list into article shapes on the page.
  • If applicable, place ads manually on the page. Ads may also be premounted on the pages based on input from an ad stacking system.


  • Monitor page production and output finished pages. Pages may be produced partially or entirely in PageDirector, in CCI LayoutChamp or in Adobe InDesign.


When a user marks an article for assignment, the underlying structure enabling a collaborative workflow in NewsGate is automatically created when the page plan is executed. This means that an assignment link to the relevant user and an entry in the editorial budget are created, a Story Folder serving as the working environment for further work on the story is created, etc. | © 2014 CCI Europe - All rights reserved | Legal Notices