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Does digital have to be difficult?

The design and production of digital publications should be as flexible and efficient as print

A digital transformation is currently in progress with media houses positioning themselves to become relevant in digital media. The transformation is marked by a number of distinct trends like the introduction of pay walls for premium content, a shift towards mobile presence and a growing number of devices and publication channels that need to be targeted – to some extent turning a modern newsroom into a lab for continuous product development.


What does this mean for media houses in terms of newsroom technology? What is the top priority on the list of requirements? As part of a research project over the last year, CCI has put those questions to a number of publishers and media experts – both from inside and outside the CCI partner community.


Moreover, a widget foundation, a publishing driver, a distribution engine and new digital object types are introduced along with a developer’s environment to meet the market requirement for continuous product development.

Flexible and automated production of digital content was top of the list, or as it has also formulated: The design and production of digital content should be as flexible and efficient as print!

The challenge is typically that setting up a digital product is costly compared to print, and once the product is live, it is next to impossible to change design dynamically to excite readers.

The CCI Digital Solution is a response to this challenge. By extending current CCI NewsGate modules, the types of template pages and shapes known from the print production environment can be used to bring automation and design flexibility to digital publications. | © 2014 CCI Europe - All rights reserved | Legal Notices