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Everything falls into shape

Streamline your page production and free up editorial resources


When designing pages – for print or digital publication – you do not want to start from scratch. You most probably want to stick to certain design patterns to maintain a consistent and recognizable design conveying a specific visual identity. And not least, you want to make it easy in the day-to-day design work to honor this visual identity.


CCI’s experience shows that a 80/20 ratio between templated design and custom design is within reach for most newspapers. 

Streamlining your page production through a template-based workflow makes sense in at least two ways: Consistency in the design can more easily be maintained and resources can be released from more repetitive tasks and deployed where key editorial skills and competencies add most value.


CCI PageDirector is the CCI NewsGate module supporting an efficient end flexible page production workflow. Here, you lay out current page plans based on predefined plans, and you design your pages using predefined page templates and article shapes. Editorial content is drag dropped into article shapes or content flows into shapes via assignment links created automatically or manually by the PageDirector user. If need be, article shapes may be modified on the fly.


Before starting the actual work of designing template pages and predefined article shapes, decisions need to be made. What is the degree of standardization – and thus efficiency – you are aiming at? How many variations of a design module does it make sense to implement, and which degree of flexibility do you wish to allow in the design process? These questions, and many more, CCI can assist you in answering. | © 2014 CCI Europe - All rights reserved | Legal Notices