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Sharing the best you have

NewsGate is an editorial platform for sharing of information, resources and content

Transparency and easy sharing of information, resources and content are key requirements in today’s media houses. Editorial planning of content and resources across titles and organizational divisions in your corporation is a task that requires a platform for easy overview, targeted distribution of assignments and flexible sharing of content. NewsGate is such a platform.


From the ground up, NewsGate has been designed to allow for sharing where it makes sense. The NewsGate Data Center solution is the strongest in the market and allows for largescale sharing of IT resources, editorial resources and content in your own corporate cloud.

You can choose to share at different levels – across locations, newsrooms, desks, titles and/or across publication channels. You may want to create a shared sports desk across multiple titles in different newsrooms.

You may want to create a shared design center handling the production of titles from different newsrooms. In a NewsGate Data Center solution, it is all up to you.


On the application side, NewsGate offers flexible, filtered views of planned content and content in the making. Likewise, assignments can easily be distributed and content folders easily shared within - and across the organizational divisions that you have defined and that NewsGate can reflect. | © 2014 CCI Europe - All rights reserved | Legal Notices