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Story Folder - where it all comes together

Working in the Story Folder means contributing and collaborating – for the sake of the good story

The Story Folder is a key part of NewsGate. In the Story Folder, you collect background material and contacts, you team up with your colleagues and you create, edit and publish the story. The Story Folder is a collaborative workspace that allows you to contribute to the development of the story and work together with your colleagues to create - and publish the very best stories.


The Story Folder contains the information and background material common to all versions and variants of the story whether for print, online, mobile or any other publication channel you are creating content for.

In the Story Folder, you can create, edit and publish stories to multiple channels using the same easy-to-use tools for all media.


Depending on your editorial organization, Story Folders may be shared across desks, titles and newsrooms. This allows you to involve the right people with the right competencies, and it allows for easy sharing of the right content for the right media.

In short, the Story Folder is where it all comes together – for the sake of the good story. | © 2014 CCI Europe - All rights reserved | Legal Notices