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Understanding digital behavior

Interview with Gregor Waller, CEO of Digital Age Consulting: 
Digital strategy is about understanding the digital behavior of
your audience and creating the appropriate products

Gregor Waller, founder and CEO of Digital Age Consulting, and formerly with Axel Springer in Germany, provides consulting services to international media businesses wishing to transform their business models for the digital era.

He sees an understanding of the digital behavior of media consumers as key to developing a viable strategy.

A digital strategy is not about having a tablet app or a smartphone app. It is about creating the appropriate products for the different use situations of your audience. This takes time, and it requires investment in people who understand both the users and the devices. It also requires an infrastructure that allows you to create these digital products in a cost-efficient way. 


Waller states that lack of investment in systems and brains has led to loss of markets for the classic news organizations, but according to Gregor Waller, the necessary digital talent may be right next to you:

“You find the digitally savy people in all organizations. They may not have that much visibility right now, but it is important to have them activate their particular network in combination with the network they have within the existing editorial staff. This means that you need to give them a safe surrounding where they can expose their ideas, even if these ideas go against the legacy.”


Gregor Waller points to two key elements in reaching out successfully to your audience with digital media.

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