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Know the audience, shape the offers

Interview with Bernard Marchant, CEO of Groupe Rossel:
Your audience is adopting digital media at different paces. This is a challenge to your media strategy

Bernard Marchant, CEO of the Rossel Group in Belgium, is very much aware that his audience is a heterogeneous group when it comes to adopting digital media.

“We are basically in an industry where we are talking to people from 12 to 90 years of age. Part of the audience is moving unbelievably fast, but the rest is slow.”

But who should you target with your offerings then?

“The most important target group is what I refer to as ‘the digital age’. I should not adapt all my offerings to them, but I am sure that if I understand them well, the others will follow.”


Bernard Marchant anticipates further investments in mobile media.

“We should go mobile, because this is basically where you can make the best of your content today.”

He also sees investment in good story tellers as key to a viable media strategy.

“If there is an area where we need to accelerate the speed, it is in working better with the journalists. What is key for us is having people who are really able to tell good stories.” | © 2014 CCI Europe - All rights reserved | Legal Notices