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Consumer behavior has changed radically in recent years, and advertisers need to adapt to these changes. The customers are still there, but now they are everywhere. The media market has never been more diversified, and consumers have never been more selective in their media consumption. This is the challenge that advertisers need to face, and this is why you need to re-think your offerings.

Cross-sell to multiple media
  The solution may be as obvious as it is challenging. You may know your target groups down to the smallest details. You may have a very clear picture of their tastes and behavior as media consumers, but to make use of this knowledge, you need to be able to cross-sell to multiple media providing precisely the ad packages that will reach out to your target customers. 


Flexible packaging
  The CCI AdDesk packaging functionality presents the sales staff with a selection ranging from a simple single media order to complex multimedia offerings from which to start, but any standard offering can easily and quickly be adjusted in response to customer interest. So whether the need is to manually add channels within a specific media like additional display publications or websites, or simply to add new media types like radio or TV to the palette of advertising platforms, the tools are right at the fingertips of the user.


Easy creation and maintenance of products
  To provide rapid response to changes in consumer trends and to the moves of your competitors, you need to be agile and flexible. This is why CCI AdDesk comes with a powerful and user-friendly setup manager, which will ease maintenance of products over time and reduce the time needed to introduce new products. When making adjustments through time, CCI AdDesk maintains the product structures in versions. This means, for example, that seasonal advertising packages and product templates can easily be reused and updated year after year.


Maximum overview
  To adopt a customer-centric approach, you need maximum overview of customer profile and activities. CCI AdDesk offers a consolidated and extensive up-to-the-minute overview of the customer’s complete history. So customer preferences for media, ad style and the like are immediately available to the sales group and can be used to compose just the right packages for the customer - on-the-fly and with the exact price calculation as you go along.


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