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Help media worldwide evolve through world class technology. That is our pledge - and has been for hundreds of years. We continue to help media reach the skies with technology as a driver.

Our story reveals that from the very beginning our DNA has been about supplying front running technology to help media advance, get their journalism across to people and have a profitable business at the same time.

CCI comes out of a long history of publishing. Our mother company The Stibo Foundation, was founded in 1794 as a printing shop - using the best and fittest technology of the day. The company even released a daily local newspaper.

In 1979, The Stibo Foundation bought the company that later got the name CCI Europe. In 1975, a group of American engineers created a computer program for groundbreaking efficiency in the production of large telephone directories.

Our story


The Dallas Morning News and Denton Record-Chronicle are the first sites to run CCI NewsGate in the Amazon cloud.


CUE 2.0 is released with new features that are embracing the browser. Content creation is re-invented in this platform for news, magazines and retail publishing.


CUE 1.0 is launched as the start of our new browser-based product line, designed ground up to deal with digital-first content creation. CUE is a joined CCI-Escenic project.


NewsGate 3.9 released with expanded magazine features and functionalities, driven by our magazine partnership.


Optimize your newsroom. CCI launches Newsroom Analytics, a big data tool that helps media companies unleash hidden potential in the newsrooms through insights to the data created inside CCI NewsGate.


Digital magazines made easy and profitable. CCI launches Digital Publishing Solution - a tool to empower newsrooms to create engaging tablet and mobile publications and thereby make new revenue streams.


CCI moves NewsGate to magazine production as the first magazine produced only in NewsGate is published by Sanoma in Finland. It’s a women’s magazine and it’s beautiful.


CCI acquires the Norwegian internet company Escenic from Vizrt. CCI and Vizrt have been strategic partners since 2007. Escenic is an important part of CCI’s business due to its strong expertise in online publishing.


Newsroom on the go! CCI launches mobile apps for reporters and page designers - making their daily job easier and more flexible.


magPeople works with large magazine publishers in all of Scandinavia. The company becomes a part of CCI.


CCI opens an office in Latin America, moving into a new market.


CCI Magazine changes name to ’magPeople – a Stibo company’ to ensure the company a more independent profile.


CCI launches NewsDirector, the rich text editor and story creator tool. Or as we say: The swiss-army knife of NewsGate.


CCI launches PageDirector, the one-in-all-tool for handling pages and information about print production.


Stibo creates a new business unit CCI Magazine which offers a software solution (editorial tool) directed at magazine publishers.


Dan Korsgaard is appointed CEO of CCI.


CCI officially releases its new editorial content management system, CCI NewsGate.


CCI moves into its new corporate residence that has won several architectural prizes.


CCI launches the new BaseLine project model.


CCI releases the first version of its cross-media advertising sales solution, CCI AdDesk Sales.


CCI releases its new editorial solution, CCI NewsDesk Editorial, as well as the new ad production solution, CCI AdDesk Production.


Carsten J. Christensen is appointed CEO.


CCI introduces its CCI NewsDesk Pagination System.


CCI releases the CCI LayoutChamp tool targeted for editorial page design.


CCI shifts focus from the traditional graphics market into the newspaper publishing market.


Torben Ballegaard is appointed CEO.


The cooperation with the American company Computer Composition Inc. is initiated. The purpose of this project is to optimize the technology used for the production of large telephone directories.


The original company behind CCI Aarhus Stiftstbogtrykkeri is turned into a foundation, The Stibo Foundation. 


Hans Kiær bought the business in 1927. He undertook a massive new business initiative with, among other things, emphasis on customer service, securing new customers. He also encouraged his son, Erik Kiær, to explore a series of new technologies.


Aarhuus Stiftsbogtrykkerie is founded as a company under royal charter by the Danish printer's assistant Niels Lund. In the beginning Aarhuus Stiftsbogtrykkerie primarily prints for the Church, the King, job printing shops as well as for a local newspaper.