Dr. Mario Garcia works with CCI

“Technology and journalism must do a slow dance together”, Garcia says after his visit to CCI, Denmark. Never before in his career of 42 years has he met with a technology company in the publishing industry.

January 19, 2015

Mario Garcia at CCI headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark to work with CCI.

Recently, the world renowned designer, professor and publishing consultant, Dr. Mario Garcia (US) spent two days working with CCI in Denmark giving input to the CCI solutions.

"I have done 700 hundred projects with news organisations and worked in this field, but never before have I addressed the people that have the power to make my ideas for the publishing industry come to life," he said after the two day session.

He worked with management, product developers and gave a lecture to everybody working at CCI about his view on the storytelling of tomorrow.

"Here at CCI, I have seen the curtain to the technology department move aside and what is behind it. I have learned how technology people think and how technology people can help my ideas come to life," he said.