Digital kiosk app to drive new digital customers to magazine publisher

Scandinavian magazine publisher Bonnier Publications has launched a new app called WYPE to attract a growing digital audience. The portal is built with CCI Digital Solution.

February 17, 2016

Leaning back with a digital magazine is on the rise. Bonnier Publications has launched the app WYPE to serve that need.

Imagine touching down on your couch after a long day.

You’re up for a bit of content snacking to unwind.

You pick up your tablet.

You remember that recently you made your first subscription to digital versions of all the magazines from the Scandinavian publisher Bonnier.

You smile, get comfy and sigh happily as you swipe to read.


Above is one of the use cases that media brand Bonnier Publications aims to facilitate with its new magazine publishing app WYPE - produced in collaboration with CCI using the CCI Digital Solution.

“We’re very pleased with the app and it completely meets our expectations."Erik Larsson, Marketing Director, Bonnier Publications.

Bonnier had been looking for the best digital publishing software to publish magazines to tablet, mobile and online and chose the app solution from CCI.

“We’re very pleased with the app and it completely meets our expectations,” says Erik Larsson, Marketing Director, Bonnier Publications.


Tablet, mobile and browser

Bonnier has used CCI Tablet Solution to build their new digital offering WYPE. The app serves pdf versions of printed magazines and is available for both iPhone/iPad, Android and browsers.

For both new readers and subscribers

The app is designed to complete two purposes for Bonnier Publications:

Offer an enhanced digital experience to print customers

Print readers have access on WYPE to the latest 12 editions of titles for which they subscribe. In addition, the full collection of other Bonnier magazine titles are showcased on the app, giving readers easy access to other issues. Current print subscribers are offered digital access all 14 magazines from Bonnier Publications in Denmark for about US$5 (DKK 29) a month.

Attract a new digitally focused audience

Nonsubscribers are offered an all-access package to Bonnier’s 14 magazines in Denmark for about US$15 (DKR 99) a month. The magazine publisher is also forming strategic partnerships with other companies in order to offer digital magazines to the partner’s customers. The first partner was a large Danish telecom company, which gave access to WYPE as an extra service to its millions of smartphone customers.


Bonnier Publications are currently working both examples.

WYPE is a perfect business example

The CCI Tablet Solution gives Bonnier an easy way to export PDFs from their editorial system to a distribution system, a solution that is currently running at for example McClatchy in the USA and De Telegraaf in The Netherlands. To Thea Borgholm, VP Digital Services at CCI, Bonnier’s WYPE app is a perfect example of some of the use cases of the tablet solution from CCI.

“WYPE demonstrates how you can use the solution to build a portal and showcase everything a forward-thinking media brand has to offer. At the same time, WYPE illustrates how one app can serve multiple business purposes – catering to both current subscribers and new digital readers,” she says.

"WYPE demonstrates how you can use the solution to build a portal and showcase everything a forward-thinking media brand has to offer."Thea Borgholm. VP Digital Services, CCI.

Plan to add new products

Meanwhile, the CCI Tablet Solution also empowers Bonnier to add new products to their portal. That could be adding more rich content like videos or photo galleries to existing digital versions of print products, bundling or special editions to honor the fact that their content is their gold.

“We’re looking at adding other products to the portal now that we have the infrastructure in place. After launching in Denmark the plan is to launch in Sweden, Norway and Finland during 2016,” Larsson says.

CCI solution puts control in hands of the publisher

The infrastructure is a privately installed distribution system that grants Bonnier the control of operating WYPE. Even though consumers currently like to read magazines on the tablet as a lean back experience, the digital solution also allows you to read the magazine on the mobile as well as in the browser of for example your desktop browsers.

Design by CCI

In this project, Bonnier gave CCI responsiblity to design the app itself.


“We have helped Bonnier install the distribution system to make it easy to transform PDFs for the printed page to a digital reading experience. But we have also made the design from Bonnier’s specifications and built the app,” Borgholm says.

What did Bonnier do?

  • Ideas

  • Business cases

  • Specifications


What did CCI do?

  • Designs

  • Built app

  • Help install distribution system to deliver content to the app

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