Ease your way from print to e-paper

Save time publishing the digital edition of your print product with CCI’s solution for e-paper, and let this NewsGate native solution give your readers a great digital reading experience on mobile, tablet and browser.

September 12, 2016

CCI’s new e-paper solution offers a smooth and flexible app allowing you to stay true to your brand.

Whether you call it an e-paper, replica or digital edition, the ability to make a digital copy of your print product has been around for some time now. So what’s new?

Well, CCI now offers an improved solution for e-papers, making the experience for both you and your readers even better. Below, we’ve listed four main reasons to start publishing digitally with CCI’s e-paper solution for both app and browser.


1. Save time with a NewsGate native solution

With CCI's solution for e-paper production, you can extract and use valuable metadata from NewsGate, such as information about zones and keywords, which will ultimately save you a lot of time.

A native NewsGate solution means that the production of the digital edition of your printed product can be done with the click of a button. And if you want to enhance your digital replica with videos, galleries or interstitial ads, it’s also easy for you to do via well-known NewsGate applications.


2. Stay true to your brand

Just as all our other digital publishing solutions, CCI’s e-paper is not a “one size fits all” solution. It is flexible, customisable and allows for branding. Whatever business model, design and subscription or payment methods you prefer, you will be able to tailor your digital replica accordingly.


3. Create the foundation for your digital growth

Producing a digital edition of your printed product is just the beginning. Once you’ve become comfortable with CCI’s e-paper solution, you can start to truly unfold your creativity.

Enhance your e-papers with galleries, videos and interstitial ads, and see your user engagement statistics rise. Create new income channels by reusing content to create new magazines, newspapers and special editions. Or create an app that gathers all your channels, so your readers can access your social media, print and online content from one app.

Using CCI Digital Publishing Solutions, the swedish magazine Mama has created an elegant app unifying their instagram, website, webshop and digital edition of their print magazine. Now isn't that just the perfect forum for busy mothers?


4. Give your users a great digital reading experience

Whether your readers are most present on mobile, tablet or desktop devices, CCI will make sure your content is presented in an excellent reader-friendly way on all platforms. In your app, your users will experience simple overviews and navigation, mobile-friendly reading, bookmarking, instant social media sharing and more.

Users can be impatient in the digital space but with a sleek replica solution from CCI, your readers will stay longer and keep coming back for more.


We're having a webinar about CCI's e-paper solution on Tuesday 4th October 2016 for all our customers! Want to join? Contact us at cab@ccieurope.com.



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