CUE - Content creation for a changing world

To prosper in a constantly changing media environment, publishers need the ability to react quickly and the freedom to experiment with new media forms, publishing platforms and business models. CUE is a content creation platform for this changing world. It provides a single, easy-to-use and universally accessible interface for the creation of multi-purpose, reusable digital content.

January 18, 2017


Designed for the survivors of the content revolution

CUE is a completely new content creation application, designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the content revolution's survivors. It is browser-based – able to run on anything from a mobile phone to a designer's workstation. Its clean, intuitive UX has been developed in close collaboration with media organizations to meet the speed and productivity needs of post-social media journalism, enabling the creation of text, graphical, video, audio and social content in an efficient and consistent way. All media types can be edited and published to any platform from a single application, reducing context-switching and providing an efficient, low-friction publishing workflow.

Where headless meets brilliance

CUE is a headless content creation platform that imposes no limitations on what publishers can do with their content once it is created. A completely decoupled presentation layer exposes the content as language-independent JSON data via a GraphQL API. This gives organizations complete freedom to publish where they want and how they want: on paper, on web sites, in web applications, in tablet or mobile native apps, via social media or to new IOT applications. This fundamental flexibility lowers the barrier to experimenting with new content formats and platforms, and also enables CUE to be easily adapted to new uses.

Flexibility across media industries

CUE is a platform, designed to enable growth and adaptation to future needs. The underlying content model can be freely modified and extended to meet the needs of different publishers and industries. CUE can be adapted to suit both news, magazine and retail publishing. In addition, it incorporates powerful, standard-based extension mechanisms that make it easy to add custom functionality and to integrate external services such as grammar checkers, tagging services and legacy systems directly into production workflows. This saves resources, as the user never has to waste time by switching context between different tools. Ready-made plug-ins are already available that use these mechanisms to add video publishing, live blogging and semantic analysis to CUE's base capabilities.


Contact the developers of CUE

CUE is developed by CCI and Escenic - creators of innovative content and publishing solutions.

For further information, please visit, follow CUE on Twitter or contact:
Mark van de Kamp
CEO of Escenic