CCI inspires for greater innovation at the Danish School of Media and Journalism

With the Stibo Accelerator program, CCI, as part of the Stibo A/S foundation, is engaged in exploring the future of the media industry and technology with a clear goal of boosting creativity and innovation.

June 12, 2017

The Stibo Accelerator program

The Stibo Accelerator is a well defined program for students where they can work on their Master or Bachelor thesis and get “closer to reality” with their academic projects by partnering up with the Accelerator team and the vast network of CCI and Escenic. Since 2014 when the program was first launched, it has graduated 43 innovation projects. A total of 94 students and 4 start-ups have been incubated. Some of the examples of CCI related projects being investigated within the Stibo Accelerator are “Personal Data as Currency for News Subscriptions”, “Newsroom Assistant Chat Bot”, “Amazon Echo for Local News”, “Glance-able News Screens in Urban Spaces” and “News in Streaming Music Services”.


Watch Kim Svendsen, Director of the Stibo Accelerator, explain the Stibo Accelerator's business model.


The Danish School of Media and Journalism has been inspired by the student program

The Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) has cooperated with the Stibo Accelerator on a number of projects with very interesting results. Recently, The Danish School of Media and Journalism in Copenhagen has created their own program called The Media Maker Space. This new program aims to create a center for the media industry to work closely together on new ideas and to be a place for learning processes for the students.


Trine Nielsen, Director of Education and Knowledge, says that they are happy to support the program and to work together with the Stibo Accelerator on different projects. “The partnership with Stibo Accelerator is working really well, where students at the end of the course at DMJX can be part of the projects at the Stibo Accelerator”, she says.

Among others, Nordjyske Medier has also been inspired by the Stibo Accelerator program to work with a similar set up.


Get out of the comfort zone

If you as a company want to move forward, you need to get out of your comfort zone. The Stibo Accelerator is a place where we support students by creating the optimal conditions for them to investigate and explore new technologies within the news industry,” says Kim Svendsen, Director of the Stibo Accelerator. In addition, he talks about how the program makes use of “3 colors of innovation” which illustrates the movement away from the “innovation comfort zone” to “radical innovation”, which is where all the CCI projects start.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 12.37.42.png 

Want to hear Kim Svendsen briefly explain the 3 colors of innovation? Follow the link below to view the video.

The 3 colors of innovation



More inspiration

WAN-IFRA’s Global Alliance of Media Innovation has published a number of articles on how accelerators can be implemented in a media company. See more here.

For more information about the Stibo Accelerator program, visit their website at: