Video: What is CUE Days 2018?

CCI & Escenic’s new conference sparks a few questions.

February 20, 2018

CCI and Escenic both have a long tradition of gathering users and developers for an engaging user conference once a year. Since CCI’s acquisition of Escenic in 2013, the two companies have been working closely together and developed the new content creation platform, CUE, together.

As more and more Escenic and CCI customers migrate to CUE, we have decided to merge CCI Users Conference and Escenic Days into CUE Days. The intention is to create a common platform for different perspectives to be shared by bringing the CCI and Escenic users together in one event, and by, hopefully, gathering an even bigger crowd of media tech experts.

Video interview with conference organizer

But what is CUE Days exactly? Does the conference name mean that everything will be about CUE? Will Escenic-only customers have to listen to CCI NewsGate sessions? Get all the answers in this video interview with Jacob Gjørtz, VP Marketing at CCI and Escenic.

Where will CUE Days 2018 be?

The first annual CUE Days is set in Aarhus, Denmark from June 12-14. Watch this video to see the exact conference venues in the second largest city of Denmark.