CUE - the open and future-proof publishing platform

In today’s rapidly changing media business landscape, having an adaptable and extensible IT platform is a competitive advantage.

September 26, 2018

If you are looking to invest in new technology for your media business, such as a publishing platform, bear in mind that you are not only buying a system. You are also buying into the vendor’s philosophy and future strategy for that particular system.

In today’s media tech market, there are two basic philosophies: Some vendors offer a ‘wall-to-wall’ solution with a wide range of pre-defined functionalities and tools in a closed system environment. Other vendors offer an open platform with a set of core functionalities and the option to extend and adapt the system as needs change and new opportunities arise.

As a potential customer you need to ask yourself: Do I have the full overview of the current operational needs in my organization? Is it likely that our business situation, and subsequent operational needs, will change within the next two to five years? If you answered ‘no’ to the first question and ‘yes’ to the second, there is a lot to be gained by investigating what an open platform can do for your business.

Video: How Yle benefits from CUE's extensibility

The publishing platform that sets your media business free
CUE is a multichannel publishing platform that provides efficiency, scalability, and a high degree of creative freedom in your content creation process. CUE has been developed in close collaboration with leading media companies around the world, such as Axel Springer, McClatchy, Rossel, and JP/Politikens Hus, and is built on insights about current and future needs of news media.

One of these insights is that no two media businesses are the same. There will always be variations in the way that newsrooms are organized, how they work and so on. This means that the needs and requirements for tools for content creation, planning, and analytics, just to mention a few, will also vary from organization to organization. Just like the need for more advanced technology, such as AI, will be stronger in some media companies, but not all.

In order to give media companies the freedom to operate how they want, we have developed CUE as an open, extensible publishing platform. CUE allows you to integrate existing legacy systems, homegrown platforms, and more or less any 3rd party tool that you see fit into one platform. Examples of integrations are image repositories like Pixabay or analytics tools like EzyInsights, which are easily integrated as left- and right-hand side panels in CUE’s editor. When a tool is no longer needed, simply take it out and plug in a new one.

These easy integration and enrichment opportunities makes CUE a publishing platform that can grow and develop accordingly to continuously evolving business needs. And because these 3rd party tools and systems are integrated directly into CUE’s user interface, users will experience a consolidated user experience with access to all their tools without having to switch between several interfaces in their content creation workflow.

Easy development

Planning, chat, and analytics tools such as Trello, Slack, Linkpulse, EzyInsights, and CCI’s Newsroom Analytics have already been integrated in CUE. These integrations have either been developed by CUE developers or the 3rd party vendors.

However, media companies can also develop enrichments themselves and easily integrate them in CUE. Watch this video to see the Service Manager at Yle, Antti Plathan, explain why the Finnish national public broadcasting company chose CUE as its publishing platform, how simple the developing process is, and what kind of enrichments they have done.