Empower your organization to sell anything, anytime, anywhere on any device.


Innovative ideas and ever evolving technology shake the advertising business with a constant surge of new opportunities. New revenue streams appear to be experimented with and exploited through new incentives. To win the game, your organization needs to quickly shape your future and let nothing stand in your way.

Stay ahead

Your organisation needs tools that fuel your resources - rather than technology that inhibits and limits your ability to adapt. AdDesk is that tool.

Walk in the park

The challenge should be coming up with great advertising offers, not bringing them to market. The flexible setup module and versatile media structures of AdDesk make it easy to define new products, bundle them in packages and start selling. And with the analytics app, following up on results is a walk in the park.

Reach your target – and your customers’

With AdDesk combining advertising across channels is only a click away and your sales reps can spend their time explaining why this should be the norm rather than the exception. You sell more inventory and your customers gets better quality exposure.


Why not have your ad management system nested as a plugin within your existing CRM solution to have it ready at hand when an opportunity evolves into something more? Let AdDesk act as the hub connecting your solutions and synchronize data seamlessly between systems.

Book it

Once you have done the hardest part of the sale - getting the customer to say yes, the rest of the job should be easy. With AdDesk it is.

Set your resources free

The AdDesk interface is browser based. That means that you can have it everywhere on your laptop or tablet and complete your sale at the customer site – with all information always updated and available.

Ads to go

Access your booking system from the platform that suits you the best. Send your sales reps in the field with AdDesk WebApps, book orders directly in your existing CRM solution or give your back office people access to a larger palette of functionality with the desktop application.

Mix and match

Enable your sales force to enrich their service by tailoring the best cross channel offerings to suit the customers’ needs. You no longer have to access several systems to complete one order handling digital, online, print, TV or basically all your media-mix at once.

Easy administration

The dull part of selling needs to be as speedy as possible. With AdDesk Sales you can easily calculate prices, edit quotes, have contracts applied automatically and handle billing effectively.


Efficiency is all about making the right tools available to the right people. Each role in the sales department has different tasks and therefore must have different tools available. AdDesk comes with dedicated apps for different functionality that connect seamlessly in the background to ensure that the users always have access to the functionality that they need.

What you see is what you get

AdDesk user interfaces are intuitive with responsive design to suit the device the user prefers. Users may switch between devices during the day depending on the tasks they are faced with without having the impression of switching between systems.

Sales rep

Flexibility, performance and motivation is key to sales reps. AdDesk provides a user friendly cross channel booking app coupled with the option to set up powerful incentive schemes to endorse your sales department to perform to the best of their skills.

Sales manager

Sales managers get access to all data about your customers’ advertising activities in one database. Evaluate your sales organisation, identify new business opportunities and get in depth knowledge on how your existing products and strategic initiatives are performing with the AdDesk Analytics app.

Finance and A/R

In the account app, finance users can perform credit checks, approve accounts, manage credit limits and survey billing. Integration to your existing A/R system ensures that information on financial transactions is always accurate and up-to-date to provide the basis for making good business decisions.

System administrator

Monitor the overall health of your system and integrations to 3rd party systems. Consolidated logging across all servers in the eco-system provides one single point for monitoring system performance.


Why not enable your agency customers to service themselves with bookings and survey activities? Or give your customers easy access to supply and review ad materials online? With the web based interface of AdDesk it is easy to set up roles based self-service apps to serve customer needs.

Ad Production

Provide your ad production users with complete control over the print and digital advertising production process with a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use production module that automatically deals with the majority of ads in the production process, enabling staff to focus on the exceptions as well as monitor and ensure adherence to the respective deadlines.

Sell to all platforms

Every study shows that combining media generates more bang for the buck. Think of AdDesk as your commercial channel connector - hooking up all of your systems to each other so that your sales organization can mix and match media as they like while keeping in control of production and delivery so that nothing falls between chairs.


AdDesk supports production of content for print and digital channels while integrating to content production and repository systems for other media that are booked and billed in AdDesk.


AdDesk serves the need for booking and delivering amazing digital ads for online, mobile and tablet consumers through your preferred AdServer.


AdDesk handles the special requirements for booking and billing Broadcast media advertising and integrates to downstream delivery systems.

Web TV

Video content in news websites is more the norm than the exception. From a sales perspective, booking Web TV or Web Audio sponsorships and content should be just as straight forwards as other channels.


When bundled with digital advertising print is extremely powerful in providing recall within the audience and drive the audience to digital platforms that better support engagement. AdDesk supports all known kind of printed production.


With AdDesk you can book and bill OOH (out-of-house) campaigns, combine them with advertising in other media and integrate with any downstream delivery system.

The Future

What will come tomorrow? Perhaps you decide to run a special on tablet or on print? Or perhaps you want to be among the first to sell ads on smart watches. Whether your innovation takes cautious steps or giant leaps forward, AdDesk supports your business decisions.

Connect to other systems

Knowledge about customer relations and activities should be right at hand when booking. Connection to the main financial installations is crucial to ensure that orders are billed and revenue taken into account. Integration to ad production and page planning ensures that orders are delivered in the correct format at the agreed time.


Let AdDesk be the glue that ties your system landscape together. AdDesk provides a wide range of generic and specific integrations to 3rd party systems frequently used in conjunction with AdDesk. AdDesk also provides a RESTfull API and synchronization engine to be used in situations not foreseen.

Content management

AdDesk comes with very tight two-way integration to CCI NewsGate. Through a generic interface AdDesk can be integrated to most other CMS solution in the market.

Connect to customers

Make the most of both your customer relation management and Ad booking management systems by integrating with the AdDesk Sales booking plugin. It allows your sales reps to book orders while never exiting the CRM system.

Finance and GL

Never miss getting paid. Through generic, but configurable interfaces, AdDesk integrates to most A/R and GL systems in the market to make sure that billing, collections and financial reporting becomes a walk in the park.

Have it your way

Good, quick, cheap! Pick any two. The CCI project model for implementing AdDesk into our customer’s organization is very versatile. Whatever your priorities and drivers for introducing a new system are, we can adjust the delivery to adapt to them.

Start the transition now

Where to put it, how to get it there and how to pay for it? These are all very important questions in today’s business climate. CCI provides plenty of choices to answer these questions.

Your place or mine

AdDesk can be installed on premise or hosted in the cloud. Which solution to choose depends on the infrastructure that AdDesk is to function within? The choice is yours.

DIY or Accelerated implementation

If speed is the essence, project delivery can be designed with this in mind. Let CCI configure the system, products and integrations and assist you during roll-out. Training of support staff will take place afterwards when the system is already in place.

SaaS or upfront investment

Traditionally, enterprise systems have been heavily frontloaded with investment costs. CCI offers two different ways of financing AdDesk software: Either as a service or paid up front.


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VP Advertising Systems

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