Multi-channel publishing is a given in the CCI Magazine solution — and so is intuitive, easy access to all content, no matter its destination. Thanks to the way our solution organizes content, teamwork and collaboration blossom, from planning to publication. The monetization of content across channels and brands could not be easier, reaching social media platforms and brand events, too.

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Built for collaboration and easy reuse

Content for a single topic ends up being distributed on many channels — in print, on a mobile app, a website, social media posts, smartwatch, even public events for subscribers. CCI neatly organizes all the elements needed for all channels in a Story Folder.

Collaboration hub

From the spark of an idea to calling the topic finished, the Story Folder is the central point for team collaboration.

Make assignments

You can create and send detailed assignments for content that will appear in any channel. When the task is fulfilled, the live content lives in the same Story Folder. All the while, the status of the work is displayed.

One-stop access

From inspirational material to publish-ready content, everyone has one place to go.

Intuitive mobile interface

Remote content producers and freelancers can take advantage of a web-based interface to respond to assignments, write and edit text, upload photos, videos and more.

Visual cues

Throughout the system, icons and customizable workflow indicators display essential details at a glance.

Packaged for distribution

Organize content into collections for each desired publishing channel, even social media. These, too, are always in the Story Folder, keeping track of what is planned or already published.

Ease of communication

With planning and content fully integrated in the Story Folders, full transparency and dynamic updates are a given. Know who worked on what and when, and what’s left to be done.

One tool for all channels

Content creators spend much of their time in our editing tool, which is used to create and edit stories, as well as package and finalize content for all channels. Text and design are fully integrated, giving editors a real-time display of how the content will appear to your audience.

Powerful multi-platform tool

Our tool can do it all: Crop or add overlays to video, sequence images in a gallery, trim content to fit a design, display content previews on a range of devices and much more.

No more copy and paste

Is it an article? A social media post? A gallery? No matter what, all you need is our editor. There’s no need to switch to a second application to write, edit and post.


Tag your text. Add links, SEO, geocode metadata. In fact, the editor can be extended with actions that simplify the editing process. For example, highlight a word in your text and jump directly to a web search for a quick bit of research to improve your content.

Preview before publishing

You can determine the types of device previews your editors need to see before posting and publishing content. When you're satisfied, it's a one-click publishing process.

Full control of your issue

The management of your issues will be revolutionized by our technology for real-time flat planning and page proofs, which are integrated with all parts of the system. This invaluable production overview for print and native digital publications reflects dynamic changes to all content, design changes, repagination and ad moves.

Complete transparency

CCI provides an at-a-glance overview of all aspects of planning and publishing of an issue that are fully integrated with the rest of the system. This is a powerful toolset supporting all processes from planning to publishing.

Empowered production

The list of capabilities of the flat plan is long. Just a few of examples: Apply multi-page templates from a library by drag-drop, reorder pages by drag-drop within an issue, add or delete pages and create spans of pages, and monitor and visualize page workflow, as well as design progress.

Digital sticky notes

Our annotation features become a communication mechanism that speeds up the design process and improves communication. Colors distinguish types of comments so users can focus on comments related to them.

Ad and editorial combined

The flat planning tool manages the complete ad workflow: Position and swap ads, track coverage — all in real time. Third-party ad booking systems can feed the flat plan via an API, making ad bookings available by drag-drop.

Regional and multi-language editions

Our workflow allows external translators and proofreaders to interact with internal staff. Partial or whole pages can be repurposed for regional editions. Multi-language editions can be easily managed while allowing for differences in design and page count.

Direct editing in native apps

Access individual pieces of content or pages in their native application directly from the flat plan or page proof. It’s as simple as select, click and edit.

Digital wall walk

There is no more waiting for proofs or need to post a collection of printouts. CCI’s proofing tool shows pages in real time at every stage of the process.

Choice in design tools

When it comes to design, CCI’s platform works seamlessly with Adobe InDesign, as well as our own proprietary design tool. CCI’s design program runs as a fit application, meaning no client installation is required on workstations, and designers can produce pages remotely. You have the freedom to choose the tool that suits your culture and strategy. The choice of design tool is not a fixed decision. Either design tool can be used, even within the same issue.

Flexibility in design tools

No matter what your need is, CCI brings a design tool palette to support any design strategy and methodology for your brands.

Simply install a plug-in

Our plug-in for Adobe InDesign allows designers to continue working with their known toolset while leveraging the benefits of our flat plan and production platform. Choosing to stay with an in-place design tool eases implementation and allows for a fast rollout. Just import your existing template documents, and you’re up and running.

No fixed structure required

Once an InDesign page resides in CCI, all page components are searchable and accessible, which provides easy access to even unstructured page content. Benefits abound, such as quickly choosing components from a print page to be shared on digital channels.

Reengineer your design process

CCI’s platform enables your organization to take templated design to a higher level. With a rich library of flexible CCI templates, a managing editor can be empowered to produce pages, or design can be centrally produced by a team working across brands.

Digital issues

CCI’s engine for digital publishing allows you to produce replicas and native digital publications. We also handle the distribution and provide an app framework to launch anything from a kiosk portal to a single-branded app. With HTML and CSS, it’s easy to code the presentation portal yourself. That way you can add your brand’s look and feel and tailor a customer’s journey.

Ready to roll

Employ the same tools for your digital publishing as you use for your printed products. You don't have to learn new functionality to get your team to publish digitally. Replicas require no extra resources and are automatically created. In addition to the design of your content, you have creative control over the presentation of all your issues, with the ability to completely customize the look and feel of the portal or app.

Low cost for distribution

Your digital publications will be distributed from your own private distribution server. And when you run multiple publications on that server you will benefit from extremely low costs. But, you can also choose a cloud solution that will keep the initial investment cost at a minimum.

Responsiveness at your fingertips

On mobile, you can have a layout specially designed for small screens. Or, if you automate the workflow, you can choose to have the content you have prepared for tablet shipped to mobile.

Ads in between

Ads in tablet magazines can be as engaging as your editorial content. Placing interstitial ads between your content is supported by the publishing solution. You're in control of the ad frequency and the editorial context.

Analytics drive business

In today’s market, data helps companies become more efficient. CCI can track all aspects of content creation in the way that best meets your business needs, from a high-level overview to the individual page and user level.

In-house data goldmine

The monetization of content is critical to business success today. CCI’s analytics reporting can track benchmarks and goals across all publication platforms.

Time tracking

Knowing how your time is being spent gives you the facts needed to plan for the future. Time on task, waiting times between states, peak work times and benchmarking across time are just a few of the metrics gathered.

Content sharing and reuse

Use analytics to help monetize your content. Easily track where content is being reused or shared across multiple platforms. Use this data to set and track your goals.

Production efficiency

Producing more content without increasing resources is critical in today’s market. Track templated design versus new design, know your peak work times.