NewsGate manages all content assets and publishes across all media channels. What's your strategy to grow your business? NewsGate is flexible and extensible to help implement your content and business strategies. Here are highlights of what NewsGate offers.

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From the big picture to the smallest caption, NewsGate gives your newsroom the necessary tools and technology to be on top of the content creation and production. If you want, NewsGate offers total transparency enabling colleagues to see all content from all desks and all titles. Journalists have a complete overview of how different content items were used on various media platforms.

The cockpit of the newsroom

Like the pilot who never leaves his cockpit to control the airplane, you'll never have to exit NewsGate to handle any aspect of news creation and production. NewsGate is where you plan, create, manage, edit, package and distribute all your content - with one unified tool.

Bring content to life

Text, images, videos, illustrations and interactive graphics. NewsGate mothers all types of content. From NewsGate you give birth to all of your content - no matter where the content will play.

Treasure box of information

In NewsGate you create the framework for the content. When the content is ready, everything falls into place. Content planning, multiple versions of content and all the metadata you need to enrich the creation and production of news is readily available to all journalists.

Use talent the best way

NewsGate lets you manage your talent - helping you use the best people for the task and bring the right talent together. Calendars for reporters and photographers organize time spent and who is available for the next task.

The Story Folder

Multitasking with lots of content coming from staff journalists and freelancers is a daily challenge. Handling astronomically big amounts of content is your everyday life. Handling your content is an intricate dance where you balance speed-to-consumers, quality and multiple content venues. And you want the process to be as smooth as possible. We built the Story Folder to handle all of your content and resources.

The heart of NewsGate

The Story Folder is the heart of NewsGate. This is where everything starts. When you create a piece of content, a folder is automatically created for you to collect all content related to that story. The Story Folder is the content overview of your content production.

Content is king

You can choose to focus on only one piece of content. Or you can zoom out and get the big picture of all your content. Content is at the center of media - so that's why NewsGate is designed to take care of your content in the best possible way.

Collaboration is queen

The reporter as the lonesome cowboy snooping around for the big scoop - those days are over. Now 2 + 2 = 5 and the Story Folder helps you collaborate. At the same time, when investigating a new secret project you can limit the access to that content with just the click of a button.

Quality is a must

In NewsGate you can keep all of the extra information that makes your journalism top quality: Transcripts, reports, data, notes, pictures and research. So when your investigative news resurfaces again two years later, you pull out your facts, stories and data and get depth from your old material.

Publish on all platforms

Tablet, mobile, online, print, TV... and the future. NewsGate is a unified tool to connect content to all platforms.

One or all channels

In NewsGate, it's easy to input content and distribute it to all media platforms. You can design content specifically to one channel, post the same content to all of your channels and tailor content assets to meet the unique needs of each channel.


From e-paper editions of print products to highly designed tablet-only magazines, you can easily create inspiring, interactive and engaging tablet products (iOS and Android) giving your readers and advertisers more value.


You create online packages in NewsGate making it easy to control which content goes where. It's easy to control one or hundreds of different sites from one desk.


Through our distribution engine you can send all online content to your mobile outlet - responsively resized for the size of the reader's device.

TV & radio

Write your TV-script in NewsDirector and send it to the control room - adding it to a newscast rundown. The same applies to radio.


NewsGate is where you manage all your print content. From highly designed feature pages to highly efficient template workflows, NewsGate easily manages print within a complex media landscape.

The Future

Google Glass, smart watches or whatever new platform pops up tomorrow, NewsGate is built from the ground up to be open and scalable.


Working with news, you touch your content all the time. NewsDirector is the Swiss Army knife of the NewsGate system. The majority of your content producing colleagues will spend most of their time in NewsDirector - handling most of their tasks in just one program.


NewsDirector is where you create and edit your stories. But you also manage content items and package them for use in different media outlets.


Is it an article? A photo? A video? Or maybe a script for TV? No matter what, you create it in NewsDirector - making it the main tool in the newsroom.


Format your text. But also enrich your story with the research tools built in NewsDirector. For example, highlight a word in your text and jump directly to a web search to quickly improve your story.

Preview & publish

NewsDirector lets you preview content packages on the different media. Here you check that your content appears the way you intended. And when you're satisfied, it's a one click publishing process.


Beautiful pages are part of the eye-candy a print reader treats himself to, when he buys a printed product. With a smart way to create those spectacular pages without starting from scratch every time you can save much time.

Everyone can be design heroes

PageDirector is a template driven page planning and designing tool. The predefined templates are designed to let everyone in the newsroom create beautiful pages without being a page designer.

Planning pages is easy

Your printed product is mostly structured in the same way on each publication - helping the reader get around. Predefined page plans give you a good start to design your current page plan.

Stunning pages

Custom-made templates for your products make beautiful pages simple to design. When you place a recurring column, for example, the writer automatically receives a reminder to fill the column.

Drop it like it's hot

Simply drag and drop content - text, photos, graphics - on to the page. You can also place ads manually, or use an ad stacking system to do it for you.