In today’s market, efficiency is key. With CCI Newsroom Analytics, you can track all aspects of your publishing operations in whatever way best meets your needs, from a high-level overview to individual stories, pages and users.

Overview The Story Folder

Data-driven decisions

Finding hidden potential in your newsroom is the first step to unleashing the efficiency of your staff. Decisions are more powerful when you combine your intuitive leadership skills with fact-driven guidance.

Set performance indicators

Based on the exported data from CCI NewsGate, Newsroom Analytics provides relevant, ready-made analyses of statistical data in the form of graphical production reports.

Users can identify bottlenecks in the production processes and evaluate whether certain business goals are being reached.

Eliminate duplication of work

You can monitor time spent modifying the layout of a templated page. In addition, you can benchmark the copy editing time for fitting content to a page vs. copy editing on content that was written up against a shape.

Balance workload and resources

Get the production overview by monitoring when specific desks have peaks and others don’t. This allows you to distribute resources and the workload in a way that limits production peaks.

Evaluate the sharing of content

It can be expensive to produce content for only one media or channel. Monitor whether your content is shared and reused across channels and products.

Monetize content

The monetization of your content is critical. Newsroom Analytics allows you set and track goals across publication platforms. By tracking the newsroom’s production progress based on performance indicators, you can act swiftly to distribute resources to the right places.

Trackable metrics

Metrics that can be tracked include time on task, benchmarking across time, cross-platform story sharing and peak work time. For example, if you want 70 percent of the page production in the business section to be produced using templates, you can implement that performance indicator.


Track performance with quick access to reports displaying key production drivers.

Sharing across channels

See how many stories were produced and get a detailed look at how these stories were shared across multiple channels.

Increase efficiency

Help eliminate inefficiencies in the workflow by visualizing the time it takes for a story to be written, edited and published.