Content creation reinvented

CUE is a content creation platform for a constantly changing media environment where publishers and editors need the ability to react quickly and with freedom to experiment with new media forms. CUE gives you all your must-have tools bundled in a simple, extensible UX for content management.

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Smart UX

CUE’s interface is designed to be fast and lovable for the end-user. Built in consultation with publishing partners around the globe, we offer a UX that newcomers say is immediately intuitive. This helps you focus on the task ahead to create and enrich your stories with the very best content from any device, with any browser.


Today, creating content needs to be fast, intuitive and easy. With CUE you get all your must-have tools bundled in a simple, extensible UX for content management.

CUE Live

Using a fast and native live blogging tool will increase your traffic and take your user engagement through the roof as you blog events in real-time live coverage

CUE Video

Empower your newsroom to work with video. Upload, transcode and do light editing of videos right there in your CMS.

Content API

Get both out-of-the-box functionality and the freedom to choose your own tools and technology with Escenic's microservice-based presentation architecture.

Content Store

Store all of your content in Escenic and it’s easy to find again. The software will also interact with other systems and databases if you prefer to store your content there.


CUE is designed as a system of decoupled, interconnected content services that make it easy to add custom functionality and to integrate external services and legacy systems directly into your workflows.