How many times a day do you reach for a device to catch up on e-mail, news or social media? If you're like most people, the answer lies somewhere between "more than I ever guessed" and "constantly."

Today, one in every five people in the world has a mobile touch screen device, and that crowd continues to grow.

As a publisher, this means you have an unprecedented opportunity to reach consumers. Your audience is constantly plugged in to the digital world, and with the CCI Digital Publishing Solution you can turn this new connectivity into new revenue for your business.

Be empowered Power up new revenue On the move Displaying your products Cloud or private hosting

Be empowered

Bringing new digital ideas to life should be as easy as creating a daily news column. When ideas languish in a development queue, you lose vitality as a news publisher. The creative potential of your staff plunges along with your chances of bringing in new earnings. With the CCI Digital Publishing Solution you can build digital publications for native apps in a matter of hours - and be empowered to act immediately on business and editorial decisions.

DIY digital publishing

"Do it yourself" projects have been gaining popularity for a while. Now you can DIY-publish to mobile devices. No more waiting for software programmers to finish another project to handle your request - you can just do it yourself.

Ready to roll

With the CCI Digital Publishing Solution, you employ exactly the same tools for your digital publishing as you use for your printed products, like CCI LayoutChamp or InDesign. You're ready to roll and you don't have to learn new functionality to get your newsroom to publish digitally.

Your own widgets

If your newsroom repeatedly uses timelines to explain complicated stories, for instance, or if you're big on sports and want to illustrate how the local team has played recently, you can easily build your own widgets to reuse brilliant features with almost no effort.


Now readers can touch and feel the news. When digital publications become tangible they truly come to life. Twelve out-of-the-box widgets (so far) let you use the CCI Digital Publishing Solution to create interactive experiences and engage your audience on wireless devices. These include popular features like "before-and-after" swipe images and images with "scratch off" functionality.

Power up new revenue

Ads, subscriptions or supplements to paid content? However you plan to get paid for your content on digital media, the digital publishing solution from CCI powers up your new revenue streams.

Flexible payment

You can choose one or several strategies for getting paid for your content. You can also enable push notifications, sending a message to your readers when new content is ready so you maintain their interest.

Ads in between

Ads in tablet magazines can be as engaging as your editorial content. Placing interstitial ads between your content is supported by the publishing solution. You're in control of the ad frequency and the editorial context. For administration, you can integrate with CCI AdDesk Sales or any other sales platform.

Two longreads, please!

Charging by the issue? By the article? By the longread? Or by the interactive storytelling feature? With in-app purchases you can design your readers' journey and make it easy for the consumer to micropay for content.

Loyal customers

If you want to share replicas or digital magazines with your customers through an already existing subscription model, you can integrate the solution to any subscription system.

On the move

If you take a look at your statistics for online and digital news consumption, you will probably see a growing number of people joining you via mobile devices. Time spent on mobile devices will keep rising and you need to cater to that audience specifically.

Cross platform

All throughout history information has been shared on multiple platforms - think cave paintings and smoke signals. The digital CCI platform will help you react quickly no matter where the consumers move.

Responsiveness at your fingertips

On mobile, you can have a layout specially designed for the small screens. Or if you automate the workflow, you can choose to have the content you have prepared for tablet shipped to mobile - easy to consume for your customers.

Lean back and tablet

Tablets have truly conquered the "lean back" experience. Increasingly large touch screens open an endless pool of possibilities for creating captivating interactive stories that can attract new target groups.

Digital newspaper

Publishing a print product as a digital replica is also possible. With this solution your editorial staff can easily apply interactive features and create an enhanced replica - replacing a photo with a photo gallery, for instance, or using out-of-the box widgets like "before-and-after" photos.

Displaying your products

Beautiful and appealing design attracts consumers to your content. No matter how many publications you have, the CCI Digital Publishing Solution lets you showcase your content either through a portal designed by us or via your own custom HTML-designed portal.

Template or free design

Pages in a digital publication can be created with a newsroom design tool like CCI LayoutChamp or other design tools. You can decide to have all or some of your content designed with templates, or you can design from scratch with complete creative freedom. It's all up to you.

Code it in HTML

It's easy to code the presentation portal yourself using just HTML and CSS. That way you can add your brand's look and feel and also tailor your customers' journey precisely your way.

Recycling templates

You don't have to be a developer to create new templates. Simply use NewsGate to design your own templates and apply them when you have recurrent layout -- or at least give yourself a starting point for more free design.

Branded exactly your way

In addition to the design of your content, you have creative control over the presentation of all your issues, with the ability to completely customize the look and feel of the portal.

Cloud or private hosting

You can choose where you place the distribution system that is part of this solution - in the cloud or on your own server. As a content management system you can use NewsGate 3 or Escenic Content Engine.

In control

A private distribution server will keep you in control of the quality of the system and how your system is running.

Publish from NewsGate

Using NewsGate version 3.5 or newer will let you run a digital publication and benefit from all the features. You can design all your content using NewsGate's applications.

Publish from Escenic

As a digital-first organization you can also publish all digital editions directly from the CCI-owned web-CMS, Escenic. You simply design your content to fit mobile devices.

Low cost for distribution

Your digital publications will be distributed from your own private distribution server. And when you run multiple publications on that server you will benefit from extremely low costs. But, you can also choose a cloud solution that will keep the initial investment cost at a minimum.