Empower your newsroom to be creative and flexible in your digital strategies with the CCI Digital Publishing Solution.

You can produce the daily e-paper with a one-click export as it is, or for instance add those extra cool images from your story folder to an image gallery first to enhance your digital storytelling.

Maybe you are also interested in experimenting with new, pure digital products? By employing your well-known NewsGate tools you can easily create interactive digital products and distribute them - a possibility that enables fast creation of special editions when global or local events call for in-depth reportage.

Be empowered Power up new revenue Displaying your products

One solution for all your digital products

With the CCI Digital Publishing Solution you can build digital publications for native apps and web in a matter of hours - and be empowered to act immediately on business and editorial decisions.

The solution includes flexible opportunities for publishing different types of publications ranging from e-paper, to enhanced e-paper, and freely designed digital publications with interactive elements.

The digital framework is tailored to the publication type consumed and designed for different types of devices to provide the best possible user experience to your readers.

Pursuing digital strategies

The CCI Digital Publishing Solution allows for several kinds of digital products to be produced and distributed – from very efficient creation of an e-paper solution to highly creative and designed digital publications. Or choose something in between: an enhanced e-paper.

Support for various platforms

We offer three types of native readers; iOS, Android, and Web. The readers are customizable in terms of e.g. colors, texts, and icons. Other native functionalities like sharing may be further customized to support paywalls or other digital business strategies. The reader platforms are developed and maintained by CCI and are also available as SDKs.

Great user experience

The CCI digital framework presenting the publications for the end users is tailored to the type of publication consumed and is optimized and designed for different types of devices to provide the best possible user experience.

Low cost for distribution

Your digital publications will be distributed from your own private distribution server with a cloud or on-premise set-up. When you run multiple publications on that server you will benefit from advantages in terms of scalability and low costs.

Power up new revenue

Ads, subscriptions or supplements to paid content? However you plan to get paid for your content on digital media, the CCI Digital Publishing Solution can support your digital revenue streams.

Flexible payment

You can choose one or several strategies for getting paid for your content. We can integrate to your subscription system; we can allow for in-app purchases, and we support a number of different ad types. You can also enable push notifications, so you have a tool for maintaining readers’ interest.

Ads in between

Placing interstitial ads between your content pages is supported by the digital solution. You're in control of the ad frequency and the editorial context.

Loyal customers

If you want to share e-papers or other digital products with your customers through an already existing subscription model, you can integrate the solution to any subscription system. We also support solutions that combine free, freemium, and premium strategies.

Payment for new products

You are in control of the portal page that serves as front page to your shop of digital content. Why not add a special digital edition on a certain topic and make it available for additional paying?

Producing your digital products

With the CCI Digital Publishing Solution, you employ exactly the same tools for your digital publishing as you use for your printed products, both for planning and for production. Of course, if you choose to produce an e-paper the generation of this is fully automated. If you choose to apply a design different from the print layout, you can modify the print layout in a sourced version or create something entirely new, depending on purpose.

Template or free design?

Use our design applications to freely design your new digital publications from scratch, or enable fast and efficient production with templates and shapes as you do for print.

Reuse templates

You don't have to be a developer to create or modify templates. Simply use NewsGate to design and apply templates when you have recurrent layout - or to give yourself a starting point for more free design.

Add your own widgets

If your newsroom repeatedly uses timelines to explain complicated stories, or if you're big on sports and want to illustrate how the local team has played recently, you can easily build your own widgets to enhance your digital storytelling As a starting point we will provide you with the most popular interactive widgets to be used out-of-the-box.

Branded exactly your way

Make your new apps an omni-channel experience by integrating live news feeds from your website or posts from social media activity - The CCI Digital Publishing solutions lets you showcase your content via your own custom HTML-designed portal.

The CCI Digital Publishing Solution is an end-to-end solution merging efficient and creative newsroom production with a true digital end-user experience.

So, let´s get creative? Or – simply start with getting the CCI Digital Publishing Solution in place and produce your e-paper fast and efficient. If in doubt about your gains with this – please reach out to us and we will help identify your potential with the use of CCI Digital Publishing Solution.